Bitcoin temporarily disabled

Bitcoin payments disabled due to extremely high fees on the Bitcoin network.
The Bitcoin blockchain is congested with a huge transaction backlog.
This is because of mass flow from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash.
And the miners are changing to Bitcoin Cash for higher profit.
Which again makes the block time slower and problems worse.

We have been vocal about the issue of high fees and slow transactions.
Keys4Coins take a very small commission for our products.
With bitcoin fees we will pay more in fees than we have profits.

Also the last couple of weeks we had less and less orders in BTC.
And more and more in other cryptocurrencies.
There has not been any Bitcoin order in 2 days.
All orders today was in Bitcoin Cash.

We are happy to see things are progressing.
As it looks like Bitcoin Cash is about to regain the Bitcoin name…
We have converted all our Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash.

All payments in Bitcoin has been disabled temporarily.
If the fees go back down we will enable it again.
Otherwise we would have to force customers to pay an extra fee.
And who would want to buy a game for 20 USD and pay 50 USD?

Like we said before,
The Revolution Will Not ฿e Centralized.