Bitcoin usage dominance down

Keys4Coins is seeing a shift in cryptocurrency usage.
Bitcoin has been the most used cryptocurrency so far.
Dogecoin was second and we saw very little usage on litecoin.

So far this month btc is only 22% of the orders.
Dogecoin is first at 56% of the orders and litecoin at 22%

For sure the prices of the cryptocurrencies themselves is a factor.
We see that whenever price of a currency is up there is more usage.
This might be the main reason litecoin usage went up so much.

Bitcoin has also been increasing in price, not only doge and ltc.
So this does not explain the decrease in btc usage % last few months.
There must be more factors at play.

We see bitcoin transaction problems are getting more common.
Recently a couple bitcoin transaction took many days to confirm.
We completed the order anyway by the customer’s request.
That would not have been the case if bitcoin price had gone down.
We would have been forced to refund and ask customer to reorder.

Litecoin has 4 times the transaction capacity of bitcoin.
Dogecoin has 10 times the transaction capacity of bitcoin
Now Litecoin also got segwit, increasing capacity a little.

Another issue is the increasing transaction fees for bitcoin.
Transaction fee on litecoin is very small and dogecoin “free”.
Buying the cheapest products on k4c with btc does not make sense.
The cost of the transaction itself might be more than the product.

We believe the reason for the shift is a combination of these.
The transaction congestion on bitcoin must be solved.
Or bitcoins usage dominance will keep falling.

We hope the best for bitcoin and for the problems to be solved.