CoinSwap – Convert BSV, BCH, 400 coins and 45,000 exchange pairs

Converting one magic internet money to another should also be like magic!
Keys4Coins CoinSwap is a much better way to convert cryptocurrency than using an exchange.

You can convert hundreds of cryptocurrencies in one exchange.
Instead of using tens of exchanges to convert those hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

  • No account needed. Most cryptocurrency pairs allow anonymous trade.
  • Quick in and out. No keeping coins in an exchange. Less risk.
  • Best price. We compare exchanges and give you the best offer.
  • Easy and fast. Save time. Time is also money!
  • High limits. Convert bigger amounts at a time.
  • Noob friendly. No exchange skills needed.

Using an exchange is not only complicated for the average user.
An exchange requires special skills, and it comes with a lot of risks.

Lets take Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision as example.
Currently most exchanges have slow deposits.
Like it is not bad enough, most also have withdrawals frozen.
If you use one of those exchanges you will be stuck with the coins there.
Having money in an exchange can result in you losing all the coins.

Now the better solution is use Keys4Coins CoinSwap.
Then you can convert, the easy, fast, and less risky way.

Magic conversion of magic internet money!

Please come have a look and try today.