Cyber Monday Sale – go mad!

15% Windows | 7% games | 2% gift cards | Go mad this cyber monday! | DOGE giveaway!

Keys4Coins opened 1 year ago on November 23, 2014.
We have been working hard on making the best service and expand on products.

We have 1015 products by now that can be bought with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.
In the beginning was only pc games, later on Xbox live, PSN and Windows.

Lets celebrate 1 year of low prices, instant delivery and great support.
We had a good sale on black friday, 5% off games and 10% off Windows.
Now its Cyber monday, so we will go mad with an even better deal.

This cyber monday, lets put ALL products on a BIG sale!
For 15% off Windows, use coupon: cyberos
For 7% off games, use coupon: cybergames
For 2% off gift cards, use coupon: cybergift

This sale is for today only, go mad this cyber monday!

We are also doing a DOGE giveaway, get some doge over at r/dogecoin: