Grand Opening!

We’ve been warming up for this day for several weeks now and it’s finally here!


While our product range may not be too expansive just yet this is only the products we’re launching with and more will be added each week. Well first perhaps I should explain who we are, what we do and why we picked the name Keys4Coins.


First of all, I’ll tackle the challenging question of our name.

We will give you CD Keys for your Cryptocurrencies (currently limited to Dogecoin, Litecoin and the Bitcoin) these CryptoCurencies are usually called coins.

Secondly who we are…

We’re gamers like you and we have three firm beliefs.

First being we like to get our games at rock bottom prices, I mean who doesn’t?  So we will try and keep our prices as low as possible!

Our second belief is that we feel sites want to know too much about us now which is why we try to only take the very basic information from our customers. During checkout we only request your email address so we can send the game. First name and last name is optional so you can be anonymous. Checkout is done as guest unless you register/login an account. If you chose to register an account, we only require email and password.. Any other information that you provide is to the payment processor.

We also believe that CryptoCurrencies are the future as it will allow you to remain a bit more anonymous on the internet, which is great! The low transaction and exchange fees will also help keeping the prices competitive. We are the first game store who only accept cryptocurrencies for payment, currently the most popular ones: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.


So if you feel exactly how we do on sharing your details and you share our same passion for games (and low prices!) check us out as we have 48 titles as of this post!