Keys4Coins support Bitcoin Unlimited

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Keys4Coins is committed to providing the best service to our customers.
We strive to keep the order process fast and prices competitive.
The current 1 MB block size limit is a threat to our business.

For delivery of products in seconds, we are dependent on 0 confirmations.
Our 0 confirmation payment system is excellent.
The customer must pay high enough fee to be included in next blocks.
Otherwise, our system requires 1 confirmation.

Generally, most of our customers have chosen a high enough fee.
But as this fee keeps increasing, buying something is more expensive.
For the cheapest products, you may have to pay more in transaction fees.
Increasing fees means Keys4Coins is getting more expensive for the customer.
A game DLC of 0.3 USD may now cost nearly 1 USD if using bitcoin.

Then there is our fee for spending the bitcoins.
Keys4Coins does not convert holdings to fiat, unless we have to.
When filling our stock we pay with bitcoins.
The bitcoin transaction fee depends on the transaction size.
Transaction size depends on how many inputs, we can have many.

For example, if we are going to do a $1000 transaction right now.
With 23 inputs we would have to pay about $7 in transaction fees.
If bitcoin transaction fees keep increasing, who must pay it?
Either Keys4Coins would have to increase the price for all products.
Or alternatively, add a fee for paying with bitcoin.

For cheap products, we recommend our customers pay in altcoins.
We accept bitcoin and dogecoin directly.
These are faster and cheaper to use, dogecoin is pretty much free.

Keys4Coins dream of a world with bigger bitcoin blocks.
With Bitcoin Unlimited this is possible now.
Miners, please switch to bitcoin unlimited.
This is in bitcoin shops and users best interest.
We want bigger blocks now, we want Bitcoin Unlimited!
Make Bitcoin great again!