Keys4Coins is now an official company in Norway – thank you for all your support

Keys4Coins started as a hobby project by me in 2014.
I was very interested in cryptocurrency at the time
With previous experience in the cd keys market.

I saw how innovative cryptocurrency is.
By creating Keys4Coins, I wanted to help adoption.
My belief is that I very much am achieving that.

Keys4Coins grew significantly in 2017-2018.
Starting a company however became very hard.
Almost all banks had put a ban on cryptocurrency.
This is against the law, I will add.
But this is like fighting with wind mills.

As much as I hated it, didn’t want or need bank.
There was no other choice as bank is required.
Without bank there could be no company registration.

Finally we were able to get a bank account.
As well as automating all accounting.
Company was registered on November 14.
We are now continuing as an official company.

Thank you to all for all your support.
Thank you to all customers who helped with volume.
Thank you to all who posted reviews in social media.
Thank you to all who recommended us to friends.
Thank you to all who helped us advertise.

Keys4Coins could not have got where it has today
If it were not for many parties supporting us.
One of them was excellent hosting company of GoMach5.
As such, I decided to become a part of the company.

If you need hosting, be sure to check out Go Mach 5.
And of course, you can pay with cryptocurrencies.
DDoS protected dedicated servers,
along with VPS and shared hosting.
Good prices and excellent support, like Keys4Coins!
Check them out at:

Best regards
– Olav

Keys4Coins AS | Foretaksregisteret NO 921 725 396