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CoinSwap – Convert BSV, BCH, 400 coins and 45,000 exchange pairs

coinswap.keys4coins.com Converting one magic internet money to another should also be like magic! Keys4Coins CoinSwap is a much better way to convert cryptocurrency than using an exchange. You can convert hundreds of cryptocurrencies in one exchange. Instead of using tens of exchanges to convert those hundreds of cryptocurrencies. No account needed. Most cryptocurrency pairs allow […]

Black Friday 2018

Big discounts on our products this Black Friday. Get 5% off everything using coupon code: blackfriday Browse our products: https://www.keys4coins.com/games Did you know from purchasing from Keys4Coins, you can win up to 1350 USD in cryptocurrency. Or up to 2000 USD in games? Your choice! All orders above 5 USD qualify. Keys4Coins Draw Happy cryptocurrency […]

Keys4Coins is now an official company in Norway – thank you for all your support

Keys4Coins started as a hobby project by me in 2014. I was very interested in cryptocurrency at the time With previous experience in the cd keys market. I saw how innovative cryptocurrency is. By creating Keys4Coins, I wanted to help adoption. My belief is that I very much am achieving that. Keys4Coins grew significantly in […]

Keys4Coins now accept Monero

We’re happy to announce another addition to the list of accepted Altcoins on Keys4Coins: Monero! You can now use Monero to pay for your games, gift cards and software. It’s fast, cheap and convenient. With the added benefit of anonymity. In no other shop can you make purchases completely anonymous. Keys4Coins is unique in terms […]

Keys4Coins Christmas Giveaway | 200 USD | Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash

Keys4Coins celebrate christmas! Record sales on Keys4Coins! We have more orders in Bitcoin Cash than we ever had in Bitcoin! The majority of our orders are in Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin. On third place is Litecoin. Lets celebrate! Did you know you can win $1000 USD in Dogecoin or Bitcoin Cash and become a dogeillionaire […]