Keys4Coins now accept debit and credit cards as alternative for cryptocurrency hodlers. Profit from sales will go towards cryptocurrency adoption.

Cryptocurrencies fundamentals and adoption has never been this good and the future has never looked as bright. But the market do not agree with us and the prices has dropped almost by record amounts this year.

We know there are a lot of hodlers who do not want to spend their cryptocurrency now. Which is understandable if their cryptocurrency has depreciated in value and they do not have money left to or are scared to spend and replenish their coins simultaneously.

We wanted to make it possible for all the hodlers out there who still want to buy from and support Keys4Coins but who cannot with cryptocurrency, the opportunity to purchase with debit and credit cards. We have in the last few months more and more frequently received requests from previous customers that they want to be able to purchase with card payments.

We also want to tap into the gamers who currently are not into cryptocurrency. When they use Keys4Coins they will get curious what cryptocurrencies are and might test out buying with them. This is another way that we can help adoption of cryptocurrencies by enabling bank cards.

You can be sure that when you purchase from Keys4Coins, even with credit cards. We will continue helping with cryptocurrency adoption. As we continue to grow we will continue to develop new services for cryptocurrency.

Recently we added Coinswap, a way to swap one coin for another without using exchange and anonymously. Our sister company Go Mach 5 started accepting cryptocurrencies. We have increased our product offering to over 3 thousand products. We frequently add more cryptocurrencies, the last one being Monero which has been a surprisingly popular payment option.

If you dont want to spend your cryptocurrency but you want to buy video games, gift cards, or software. When buying with debit or credit card on Keys4Coins. The profit we gain from that WILL go towards further cryptocurrency adoption such as more products available and more services and tools for cryptocurrency.

At Keys4Coins we very much care about secure payments and fighting fraud. We do not want to be a place where it is possible to use a stolen credit card to purchase products. Not only that but it would affect us negatively with chargebacks. We do not want to increase our prices.

Therefore we have decided to only accept 3D Secure card payments. As long as your card supports, optionally, recommends or requires 3DS authentication, we will require 3DS authentication before successful payment. Only in the rare case where 3DS is not supported by a card, it cannot be used to purchase products on Keys4Coins. And that is how it has to be as we value security and low prices higher.

Recommend us to your family, friends and internet strangers. Then you help us and we will help your cryptocurrency with further adoption. Also we will remind you that we do have an affiliate program so that you can earn cryptocurrency by spreading awareness of our existence.

Thank you a lot for all our customers past, current and future support.