Monero integrated addresses for seamless checkout

There were a lot of issues where customers forgot to include the payment id which required manual order processing and product delivery. Some wallets did not even have payment id option anymore when sending as default and it had to be enabled in the settings or otherwise the users would only see an address field, causing confusion.

From now all orders on Keys4Coins made in Monero will only have a single address, called an integrated address. This is an address that combines the payment address and payment id into a single address.

This change makes checkout for Monero as seamless like the other currencies we support. Simply copy and paste address and amount to your wallet and hit send. Or even easier, scan the qr from your mobile wallet and hit send. Enjoy automatic payment processing and product delivery that has been improved significantly.

Monero is a popular currency on Keys4Coins and we hope all our customers paying with Monero will be happy about this improvement and have an even better experience. Remember that if you have any issues, be sure to contact us immediately on live chat or email and we will do our best to help you out very fast, even on weekends, because as gamers ourselves we will not underestimate the importance of fast delivery and support.

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