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Shoutout to @keys4coins After buying WoW Gamecards, Steam Credits and Games for different Platforms, i never had trouble. If i had Questions, the Support was ALWAYS extremely kind and professional! I highly recommend them if you want buy #Games for #Bitcoins #BTC #cryptocurrency
@GameOfLetsPlays /
OK, I’m trying them out right now for some cheap ~Ð2700 downloadable content. The transfer went through fast, faster than I could really type this! I had pretty much instantaneous delivery of the steam key to my email addy. Better yet, the price was discounted about 90% from retail. I’ll probably use them again!
/u/EqualOrLessThan2 /
I bought Evil Within from these guys a few days ago. Great experience overall, got the Steam key sent to my email as soon as the doge transaction confirmed. They use, and helped beta test and develop, the Cryptowoo payment gateway plugin, which means that they take doge directly, they do not use a third party payment processor or autoconvert to fiat, which means lower prices!
/u/peoplma /
The awesome fellow shibe /u/OlavOlsm created a 100% voucher for his website for me, so I can get a 20$ steam gift card for the huge giveaway. Everything worked out very smoothly and I can just recommend buying your steam games/keys from his website, especially after he has been such an supportive shibe!
/u/DimiFW /
I purchased a game from keys4coins a few weeks ago. Metro 2033 Redux. The whole process was quite smooth. Added the game to my cart, went through checkout, and had the game code in minutes. No issues with the key, worked like a charm. Really, a great service! Alternative, EBay style…. A++++++++ SUPERULTRAAMAZING!!!+++WOULD DOGE AGAIN!+!+!+!+! +/u/dogetipbot 500 doge verify Check it out on Reddit!
/u/darknets /
All I have to say is wow. I am incredibly happy with this website. I have ordered 2 products, Battlefield Hardline and a $20 Steam wallet code. The wallet code was invalid but the support is absolutely awesome, always online, friendly, and very, very professional. I bought Hardline about a week and a half ago, I payed and got the key about 5 minutes later. I would absolutely recommend this website to anyone, even if the code you got was invalid they would help you. If you havent heard about this website they are a games redistributer that sells games for Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin. The game keys are cheaper, and have an almost instant delivery.
/u/Loganophalus /
I’ve bought two games previously and the service is excellent. I was a little hesitant at first as there was an issue on my end but Olav was excellent in resolving the problem and getting me my key through the support email. Thanks dude! 10/10 would Doge again
/u/inebriated_panda /
Today i buy 2 games , Diablo 3 and Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls from and it was fast and very easy ! I send direct the doge and in a few minutes the e-mail with the key . I am VERY happy !!! Much ths !
/u/YoByMe /