Earning with us is simple and easy.

Simply send people your affiliate link and let them purchase. You will earn money for that sale and any other purchases that user makes over the next seven days

Our payments are manually verified and credited once a month with a standard 5% rate for every single purchase. This doubles to a massive 10% if you choose the store credit option which means you will automatically be credited on every transaction, instantly. This will be added to your Keys4Coins balance.

So what are you waiting for?


Frequently asked questions

What makes us different?

We at Keys4Coins only use authorized resellers for our CD keys meaning anybody who purchases from us via your link gets our known quality which means happy customers for us and a stable income for you.

How quickly must somebody using my referral purchase?

We give a very generous 7 days to add a game and checkout and complete the payment.

If the user leaves our site and returns within 7 days from clicking your affiliate link, any games they purchase will be counted towards your total balance.

The user doesn’t even need to create an account as they are able to use our anonymous checkout system.

What are your payout rates?

We offer 5% commission for Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin payouts but if you choose store credit it will be a 10% payout.