Bitcoin Cash ticker changed to BCH and an update on Bitcoin

We got many requests to update the ticker for Bitcoin Cash from BCC to BCH.
When we added Bitcoin Cash, BCC seemed like the official ticker.
As BCH is the official ticker, we have changed this now.

Bitcoin still has a huge transaction backlog and high fees.
We are looking into the possibility of adding a dynamic fee for Bitcoin.
By calculating the fee we have to pay to forward a transaction.
This would be similar to what BitPay and ShapeShift is doing.
Then we would be able to enable Bitcoin again on Keys4Coins.
This extra fee will of course not apply to other cryptocurrencies.

It is still possible to pay with Bitcoin on Keys4Coins through ShapeShift.
To do that, chose Bitcoin Cash in checkout, then click “pay with altcoins”.
Shapeshift will then popup and ask you what currency you want to pay with.
Then you can chose Bitcoin, Ethereum or other currencies that it offers.