CryptoWoo Testimonial

I needed a payment gateway for WooCommerce where the store itself would be in control and where I could make my own choices. For better customer experience, direct integration on the website with no redirection to third parties was required. Middleman fees had to be reduced to provide customers with better prices. I wanted my customers privacy protected, and the ability to purchase anonymously to be the default option. The customers were not going to have to hang around waiting for their product to arrive; the ability to accept zero confirm transactions was necessary for instant delivery. As a very active shibe, of course I wanted to support the dogecoin economy and accept dogecoin directly. I was looking to accepting the 3 big currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. I also preferred getting exchange rates from the exchanges themselves and choose which to use than relying on external parties.

I discovered CryptoWoo after a few weeks of launching my store and I realized it would make all this possible. I joined during its early beta as one of its first beta testers, helping it along its way to become what it is today. The customers are kept on the website during checkout, can purchase anonymously, verify exchange rates, pay in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin directly, and receive their products in seconds!

CryptoWoo support and development is amazing. Issues are dealt with quickly and they add more features upon request. For example, not long ago I asked for shapeshift shifty button integration so that orders can be paid (indirectly) with any altcoin shapeshift supports. It was added right away.

I highly recommend CryptoWoo to everyone who wants to accept cryptocurrencies in their WooCommerce store. Do not use external third parties, get CryptoWoo and let your store take care of the payment processing itself!